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Thursday, February 20, 2014

There was some nervousness and anxiety heading into episode 11 due to the new writer, but it seems our worries were unfounded since this episode had the same pace and style as previous ones.

The story continues in Shanghai as Hwangbang and Bamsandong make preparations for Shin Young Chool's funeral; but first, they have to transfer his body from the morgue and it's clear that the funeral is just a front for the power struggle between the different gangs who want to use SYC's name to gather their forces.

So here are some of our favorite scenes from this episode:

MSKHJ's Favorite Scene 1: Ok Ryeon lecturing Shin Jung Tae.  After he wakes up, Jung Jae Hwa is waiting for Jung Tae to talk to him and take his father's corpse. Jung Tae refuses to attend the funeral and says he doesn't care about his father nor his killer and storms out of the doctor's office to find a disappointed and hurt Ok Ryeon. She lectures him about the importance of saying goodbye to the loved ones when one has the chance since there are many who never had it and then shares her story about her mother. Jung Tae is speechless while listening to her since he had no idea her mom died nor what happened when they ran away so the only thing he keeps saying is "I'm sorry". Ok Ryeon's words here makes him change and go and fetch his father's body. I think that what Ok Ryeon was really trying to tell him is that he should be there and say his farewell to his dad now that he can or he may regret it for the rest of his life. Life is short and he should let go of old grudges, especially because he doesn't completely know about his father. He only knows one side of him. So I really think Ok Ryeon's intervention here was a turning point for Jung Tae in order to start thinking differently about all that's been going on. I also like the fact that it seems that Ok Ryeon has grown up a lot and matured. She doesn't seem to be that girl who was following Jung Tae all around and only thinking of becoming a singer and about girly stuff. Life has hit her hard and she had to mature so it's nice to see an evolution in her character. I hope to see much more of it in the next episodes.

GG: I agree, I think following Ok Ryeon's advice really helped him deal with his father's passing and maybe he'll finally have some closure instead of continuing to be angry.

GG's Favorite Scene 1: Jung Tae shows no obvious mourning for his father's death, so he's just going through the motions of the funeral process. However, when he looks through his father's personal effects and sees that his father had been carrying around a photo of young Jung Tae, Chung Ah and their mother as well as a letter that he'd written his dad, he breaks down in tears of sadness and anger. It seems that although his dad left them physically, he always had them in his heart. However, he asks why his dad never came to see them when he had time to look at the picture and the time to go make his money. So the realization of his father's love doesn't alleviate the pain that he feels inside. This scene really broke my heart, especially when we see young Jung Tae excitedly writing to his father to tell him not to worry about mom and Chung Ah as he's taking good care of them, with an innocently courageous tone, believing that his father would return one day.

MSKHJ: I loved this scene. It showed how much trouble Jung Tae is towards his father. He doesn't really know what to do nor to think about him anymore... Poor thing.
JMMB:  Poor Jung-Tae. . .how heartbreaking it is for him.  He wasn't given the chance to reconcile with his father and tell him how he felt about him. What do you think?  I think Jung-Tae needs a hug. . ."I volunteer"!

JMMB's Favorite Scene 1:  This scene show Jae-Hwa and Baek-San fighting for Young Chool's corpse at the morgue.  Why did I pick this scene as my favorite? I like to pick scenes that makes me think and dig deeper to their meaning. This may be cheating but I've already watched episode 12 and this scene will be very important in episode 12 and perhaps subsequent episodes.  (Spoiler alert) This particular technique that Baek-San uses to hit Jae-Hwa in the abdomen will probably reveal who killed Young Chool.  I could be wrong and getting ahead of myself but I think the Hwang Bang Group may have been involved in the death of Young Chool.  But I noticed that this is the same technique that Leader Mo used on Gaya during their fight scene in episode 9 so who knows. ..

Remember this scene in episode 9?  Makes you go. . .hmmmm:

MSKHJ's Favorite Scene 2: I really liked this scene not only for the obvious... Hyun Joong's abs but I think that So So's lines were truly important and found a way in Jung Tae. It is true that if Shin Young Chool was the leader and father-like to those in Bamsandong there's no reason to host the funeral at the French Quarter.  It doesn't matter if the "French" leader is very thankful and was a very close friend of his. He should, above all then, understand that the right place to hold the funeral ceremony is at Bamsandong with all his people. The problem here is that due to the many political intrigues going on, the funeral has turned into something else than just paying respects and wishing a nice farewell to a loved one. Meanwhile all this is happening, Shin Jung Tae is not aware of all the politics involved and goes with the flow. So So's intervention here is so important because she makes him realize about the mistake he's making by letting the funeral take place outside his father's home, and by remaining just as an outsider when he's the only family attending the ceremony and it should be him making decisions and not others. Little by little and with the help of his loved ones and Ok Ryeon, he's understanding the importance of letting go the old grudges and accepting his father's role in Shanghai. However, despite the importance So So's lines had in this scene I loved the comedic tone while she was sniffing Jung Tae...!!!! I think a lot of us would have paid for it!!!!!! LOL

JMMB: Yum!  Can I sniff him too?  Betcha he smells mighty fine.  

GG's Favorite Scene 2: MSKHJ, I agree with everything you said, and I want to just add this....^^

credit: MurdererQ

GG: I'm glad he has someone like So So who can be straightforward with him since he's currently unaware of the situation in Shanghai and the rivalries among all the gangs. And she's absolutely right that the people of Bamsandong street will want to say their farewells to his father whereas Hwangbang is using the funeral to gain favors with the local politicians. I think that Hwangbang will try to take advantage of him because of his identity as Shin Young Chool's son while Bamsandong will prevent him from attaining any kind of power, so hopefully So So will continue to be his adviser of sorts as he makes his way around Shanghai.

JMMB's Favorite Scene 2:  LOL!  Look at the surprise on Doo-Sung's face! Surprise, surprise!  It's not Young Chool.  Who is that guy in there?  Some other family is missing their loved one apparently.. . .because that sure isn't Young Chool.  Where the heck is he, I wonder?  I guess we'll find out on episode 12 but if you've seen the preview for episode 12, you'll know where his body landed.  I love scenes like this because it makes me look forward to the next episode.  I'm beginning to wonder if Doo-Sung is on the good side or the bad side and slowly, it's beginning to show that he isn't such a nice guy after all.  Everyone is evil it seems!

Well episode 11 had a few surprises for us. . .is Young Chool really dead?  I guess we'll find out in episode 12, right?  There were a few touching scenes in this episode as well that made it necessary to grab a box of tissue to wipe our tears.  Hope you enjoyed our choice of favorite scenes.  What were your favorite scenes? Please comment below and let us know!  We'd love to hear from you.  Thank you for stopping by our blog!  Until next time!

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Credits Screen Caps: MSKHJ, GG
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